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about LOGIC

LOGIC is a software company creating exceptional products with over the top engineering — both for us and you, our clients.

We always work with the end user in mind, even when we do hardcore cloud infrastructure automation. We do not use the end user as an excuse for sub-par engineering.

We also always work with the most efficient software craftsmanship in mind. We do not use engineering as an excuse for disappointing user experiences.

This is not a zero sum game. Great user experiences do not come at the expense of exquisite build quality. They are pretty much two sides of the same coin; an excellent product. We make sure to make that happen.

our principles


Verba volant, scripta manent

We write. That’s how we commit to our word. That’s why this document exists. Spoken words fly away. Written words persist.



We are punks of the internet. We do things the way we believe it’s right, independent of how the industry works. We do not opt-in for dystopic dark patterns of the status quo. We opt-in for what’s for the benefit of our clients, customers and of course our own well being.


We won’t do it twice

We want to live longer. We can’t control how old we will get, but we can control how many times we repeat the same task. The less repetition, the more diversification of experience. That’s how we get a richer life that feels longer in a good way.


We ship the optimal work, not the perfect one (or 80% > 100%)

We are not perfectionists. We know that 20% of the work will take 80% of the time. That’s why we ship the polished 80% that actually makes sense.


No “Contact sales”

Things do not have to get complicated all the time — especially in the web. We keep things simple with public self-service pricing for all of our products and even our professional services.


No handcuffs

We want to work with customers and clients who love to and choose to work with us. Both our products and professional services deliverables come documented, with a clear path forward, even without us. We do not want to and we will not restrict anyone with any sort of trick or binding contract. We always provide an easy way out with no hard feelings.


Time costs

Time is probably the only thing that can’t be brought back — at least that’s what standard physics teaches us — and this makes it the most precious resource we have as people. We honor it for ourselves and for you. We provide products and professional services that save people precious time.


Risk costs

Risk requires thinking and calculating and therefore induces worry — otherwise it just creeps under ignorance. We consider risk very seriously both for ourselves and for you. That’s why we provide products and professional services that take worries from risk off people’s backs.


Decisions cost

Whether it’s a decision to move on with something, or do absolutely nothing, it’s exactly that; a decision. Decisions take time to manifest and carry both risk and opportunity. We take these into account, calculate the cost and then decide with a rule of thumb; “No” is cheap, “Yes” is expensive.


Build quality that lasts

We do not ship cheap junk. We ship sturdy, reliable products that last. We are proud to have built products that served customers excellently and generated revenue, without a single update in three years.


We are here for the long run

We are not interested in any snatch. We are interested in long lasting relationships that benefit all parties and build upon trust.

our team

We are a small remote-first team headquartered in Greece. We are uncompromisingly excellent in our work, communication and autonomy. We are also fun, make sure we enjoy every day and take care of one another.