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Making the web better with LOGIC

We create exceptional products with over the top engineering — both for us and you, our clients.

We also give back to the community by sharing openly how we work and contribute to open source.

products by logic

We love creating products for the web. When we find a way to make our lives easier, we turn it into a product and share it with the world, so anyone can benefit from it.

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Remote Work Café

Find a reliable café you can sit and work anywhere on the planet. Whether it is in Athens, Amsterdam, or Copenhagen we got you covered.

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Looking for the easiest way to share end-to-end encrypted data over untrusted channels, like email or Slack? We got you covered. All you need is the click of a button.

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Order your laundry online now. Choose your pick up and delivery date, time and location. We will take care of picking up your clothes and delivering them back pristine in time.

professional services

Through more than ten years of building and shipping software end to end, we have gained tremendous experience in that field. We can help you out with your next web project, wherever it sits in the pipeline; from inception, to product design, to implementation and deployment to production.

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what our clients say

LOGIC delivered exactly as discussed and in time, with regular communication and full explanation of possible solutions pros and cons.

Stefanos Doulfis | Engineering Manager at RocketX

We are extremely happy with LOGIC. Their technical expertise and their response time has been exceptional.

Stephanos Androutsellis | CTO at Phenometry

Working with LOGIC was easy. Their problem solving also was great.

Nikos Leoutsarakos | CISO at PRIVii Corporation

I had the pleasure to work with LOGIC on several projects over the years. Besides their technical competency, which is beyond any doubt, it was their consultative approach and smart architectural choices that enabled us to deliver on complex enterprise projects within time and budget.

Lukas Klement | CTO at Menutech

Working with the team of LOGIC was the LOGICal thing to do. They are an excelent team of all around developers and creatives.

George Yannakeas | CEO at Maya Insights

Wanna see for your self?

open source projects

Our industry simply could not exist in its form without open source software. That’s why we extract any re-usable part that does not include competitive advantage or confidential information into free and open source for everyone to use.

We love sharing

There are no secret sauces here. We are so proud and happy about the way we work that we share everything on our podcast, blog and meetup.